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Chapter 020

Tankoubon Cover    Kanzenban Cover

Shenron e no Negai!!
The Wish to Shenlong!!

Chapter Information
Premiered: Shueisha's Weekly Shounen Jump 1985, Issue #20 (April 29, 1985)
Corresponding:  DragonBall Episode 012, "The Wish to Shenlong"

Chapter Synopsis
Everyone thinks that it's too late to stop Pilaf as Shenlong asks him for his wish. Yamcha curses the situation, and Bulma cries about having gone through all this trouble for nothing. Pilaf prepares to make his wish, and Oolong tells Puar they should run away. But then he suddenly gets the idea to make a wish before Pilaf does. As Pilaf is making his wish, Oolong runs over and wishes for a pair of panties. Everyone watches as a pair of panties falls from the sky. "I have granted thy wish. Farewell." Shenlong disappears, and the dragonballs disperse in seven different directions.

Yamcha and Bulma are happy that perverted Oolong saved the day, and Goku asks Bulma about all the dragonballs scattering like that. She tells him that that's what happens after a wish is granted. He doesn't like his grandpa's ball being gone like that. Pilaf is pissed, and tells Mai and Shuu to catch the pig and cat. He threatens that he'll kill them all. Later, Yamcha says it's pathetic how easily they were caught, but Oolong says the bad guys had ray guns. The five of them are now trapped in a room with a glass ceiling, and steel walls. Goku thinks it's easy to escape from this room with no ceiling. Bulma explains to him that it's super reinforced glass. Nonetheless, Goku jumps up right into the glass, knocking him to the ground. Bulma says she told him so.

Yamcha's pissed, saying they need to get out of here so they can go gather the dragonballs again. But Bulma says they can't gather the dragonballs so soon. After a wish is granted, you can't make another one for one year, as the dragonballs turn to stone for a year. Yamcha is very disappointed, while Oolong wonders what they'll do about this manga's title. Pilaf then comes in through the PA system and declares that they'll all be punished. He explains that in the middle of the day, the sun will make that glass ceiling room heat up intensely, like a toaster oven, killing them. Bulma starts whining about her skin, since she doesn't have any sun oil. Bulma cries about being too young to become a mummy, Oolong cries about being roast pork, Yamcha is worried about his dream of marriage, Puar wants to pee, and Goku is hungry.

Page Breakdown
The majority of the DragonBall series was drawn in black and white, but every once in a while the fans were graced with some color. This breakdown will take a look at how many colored, red and gray scale, or black and white pages appeared in this chapter. Unfortunately, the original tankoubon were not released with these colors in-tact, so any colored pages shown are taken from the kanzenban releases.

Fully Colored Red and Gray Scale Black and White
N/A N/A Title; Pages 01-14

Information/Images by: Hujio
Translations by: TripleRach & Herms
Synopis by: TripleRach & Hujio